Variation 4: Klimt’s Bear

The current blockbuster exhibition in Venice is Gustav Klimt and friends at the Museo Correr. I had been planning to give it a miss, but others here had liked it, so I was persuaded to give it a go this morning. It did, sad to say, disappoint. BUT another artist/fellow student of Klimt’s, one Franz von Matsch, didn’t. Fascinating, somewhat creepy portraits, figures often slightly out of frame, top half of portraits very worked, then he seemed to run out of interest, a trait that Klimt seemed to pick up on. You could feel Freud and the psychoanalysts lurking somewhere here. But can I find an image online to post to you? Can I heck. Matsch clearly not so good as Klimt at promoting himself. Now what do we think Klimt would think of this bear we found in the gallery gift shop?

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  1. jeskatom said:

    What a gorgeous little bear! I watched a BBC programme on IPlayer last night called A History of Art in Three Colours. Part 1. Gold. Very interesting, and Klimt’s The Kiss was covered to no surprise! I’m looking forward to next episode on Blue.

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